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"I think we all have a "civic rent" to pay during our lifetime. (...) Not only do they and their community benefit; so does their company."

Fim de férias para muitos executivos que voltam com as energias repostas para continuarem a agregar valor às empresas que dirigem!

Aqui fica mais um tópico do Buck Rodgers, retirado do seu livro "THE IBM WAY - Insights into the Worlds Most Sucessful Marketing Organization", que pode gerar resultados "simpáticos" a todos os níveis e de forma sustentada.

"I advocate balance in one`s life. Of course, you have to give a fair day`s work for a fair day`s pay. If your family and your sense of social responsability and your value system aren`t high, or if your compulsion to work drives everything else out of your life, then you`ve got a serious problem. Regarding social responsability, I think we all have a "civic rent" to pay during our lifetime. Happily, our society has moved from the "me" generation to what I refer to as the "be" generation. This means you can be anything you want to be, depending on your skills and capabilities. People want to be something; they want to contribute; they can`t just be takers. What we choose to do is personal, whether it`s working in a drug abuse program or for a charitable organization or toward getting band uniforms for the local school. Every good leader I know encourages his people to find ways to express themshelves outside their work life. Not only do they and their community benefit; so does their company.
Recently, I was invited to speak to the top management of a multibillion-dolar manufacturer. The thrust of one of my messages was that every business person should gest involved in civic activities, away from business. The group seemed a little uneasy, and I sensed that I had hit a nerve. Later, in a private conversation, the chairman of the board told me that it wasn`t unusual for the key people in the audience to work six or seven days a week. That was the pace he personally set-and demanded. It had been his style of management for many years, and his company was successful; but he agreed that perhaps there was a changing value system to be dealt with, and said that my ideas were worth considering. Shortly afterward, he invited me to serve as a consultant to his company. I was flattered, and pleased to accept."

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