sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

"Shatterbox wants you to wake up in the morning and love what you do"

Aqui está um excelente exemplo daquilo a que, em tempos mais voláteis, os (jovens) portugueses com bons projectos, também podem aderir.

"Shatterbox wants you to wake up in the morning and love what you do. So we’re going to introduce you to lots of people who do and help you find how to get there yourself.

We are a video-based social community for students and young professionals to find inspiration and share ideas about innovative careers. Our films are 100% original, HD-quality, and free of charge to individuals all over the world who are hungry to make their mark.

We’ve found the most passionate, cutting edge young trailblazers we can get our camera on and asked them, simply, to share their stories. Our archive of fascinating shatterbox stories will grow as we seek new characters to feature across limitless industries. And we want you to join the conversation. Leave your comments, share your ideas and your stories, connect with other users, and find yourself a little closer to making your mark.

Search for industries or keywords that interest you and we’ll match you with a shatterbox story that you might like.

Tell us what you think! We love to hear your thoughts about the shatterbox stories you watch. Ask questions, offer comments, even criticisms. We also want to know what you think about the site as we work through the kinks in our beta phase.

Becoming a member of shatterbox means you can set up a profile, share your exciting stories and search for other users to swap advice and network with. You can find people based on industry, interests, and geographic location. Start building your community!

Soon we will have a massive vault of resources to help you learn about the industries our shatterbox stories cover. We also will provide best in class information about starting an exciting career, making a career change and finding your strengths and passions. You’ll have access to the best resources out there- articles, videos, lectures, and book recommendations- just be patient!"

Clique aqui para acessar o site da Shatterbox.

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