quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

"(...) I have no respect at all for the tyrant"

Quando transcrevo trechos do Buck Rodgers do SEU livro "THE IBM WAY - Insights into the Worlds Most Sucessful Marketing Organization", fico com vontade de continuar a escrever, por que sinto que precisamos de mais executivos a sentir e a praticar, muito daquilo que era a sua forma de actuar dentro da IBM.


"When someone you give responsability to doesn`t live up to expectations as a leader, you are faced with one of your most difficult tasks - confronting the person and criticizing the perfomance. Some managers find it almost impossible to handle a confrontation with someone they are closely associated with. At times, they fail to do their own job properly by letting the mediocre or incorrect work slide by, with barely a mention. On the other hand, I`ve seen managers who seem to delight in chewing out an employee - often in front of his co-workers. I can understand, but not tolerate, the manager who wants to avoid a scene, and I have no respect at all for the tyrant. I don`t think anyone should be humiliated or demeaned because of his errors or bad judgments. Nor should a leader allow the quality of work to become low because he`s too weak to demand that it remain high.
(...) I always praised in public and criticized in private. I never thought it necessary to let others know that someone in my department didn`t do his job properly. When a problem arose, I dealt on-on-one with the person involved, in private. I never raised my voice to frighten anyone into doing what was right. I discovered that people are smart enough to know who holds their pay card, so scare tactics are as unnecessary as they are unfair.
On the other hand, if somebody did something excepetionally well, something beyond our expectations, I made sure that as many people as possible knew about it. I always acknowledged new ideas in front of others. This encouraged others to bring ideas to me, because they knew I wouldn`t plagiarize them. (...)"

Líderes assim, melhoram a nossa Qualidade de Vida e o EBT das empresas!

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