quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2009

""Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul." I believe that; but I think that lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the face too."

Faz hoje uma semana escrevi "O exemplo IBM, como base para mudanças efectivas no Estilo de Vida dos seus colaboradores e respectivos familiares!". Hoje deixo-vos com outro trecho do mesmo livro que gostaria muito de ver replicado em mais empresas luso-brasileiras, uma vez que com certeza, os envolvidos (incluindo accionistas!) teriam mais Qualidade de Vida em todos os sentidos.


I love to work. (...) I considered it my responsability to charge the atmosphere with excitement and optimism. (...) Unfortunately, too many people in leadership positions are terrible role models. They enervate rather than energize their people. An old adage says: "Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul." I believe that; but I think that lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the the face too.

Still, I must caution you that a good leader`s optimism must be realistic.(...)

Plenty of companies announce sales quotas that are 30, 40, even 50 percent higher than they honestly expect to achieve. I consider that to be poor management at best, and possibly even deceptiveness.

(...) football coach George Allen, who used to tell his players, "Winning is living. Everytime you win, you are reborn. Every time you lose, you die a little."
That may be excessive, but I agree that wininning is an incredibly exhilarating experience, and losing is a bummer.
I could never consider myself sucessful if I had to devote my life to my work. I said that I love to work, and I do. But somewhere along the line I developed the philosophy of working to live rather than living to work. When I`m on the job - in or out of the office - I give the task at hand my complete attention and concentration, and whatever energy is needed to get the job done. I pace myself. I don`t want to run out of steam, physically or mentally. It bewilders me when managers demand 120 percent from their people, when I`ve never been able to give 100 percent of myself, except in short spurts. You really need to know when an extra effort is required, that`s when you must inspire people to reach back and draw upon their reserves. I`ve missed my share of dinners with my family and given up a few weekends to my work, but these were the exceptions. I never saw a correlation between hours worked and work accomplished that gave me any reason to believe the workaholic was the most productive kind of performer. It doesn`t make sense to me that he would be. Most things done in excess are exhausting, and tired people cannot be the most efficient workers. But what really bothers me is what happens to the workaholic`s field of vision, his interests and his personal relationships.
It`s unfortunate when a family is sacrificed because a person can`t work out a balance between work, family and play."

É fundamental que cada pessoa e as respectivas lideranças consigam encontrar fórmulas que permitam maximizar a relação produtividade no trabalho/Qualidade de Vida, porque só assim se pode gerar riqueza de uma forma crescente e sustentada!

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